TV in the kitchen: placement rules

TV sets are installed in different rooms, and the kitchen is no exception. The explanation is very simple: many families like to spend evenings together over a cup of tea or watching their favorite movie. Another question: how to place TV in the kitchen so that it is convenient and safe? In this article we will give an answer to the question posed.

Where in the kitchen should the TV be placed?

First you need to decide from which point (or points) of the room you will watch TV. This can be a dining table, a work area or a sofa (if the kitchen is large enough). In addition, you need to consider the location of the window. It should not be in front of the TV. Otherwise, too much light will fall on its screen, the image may gleam. Only thick curtains will help to avoid this. But here you definitely need to think about whether you are ready to close them every time, including the TV. How convenient will it be? If this does not bother you, you can simplify the task and buy curtains on an electric curtain rod. They are controlled from the control panel, which means that you do not have to make unnecessary movements. By pressing one button you close the curtain, by pressing the other you turn on the TV. All this will not take you much time. Moreover, even a child can cope with the task.

Another thing to consider when choosing a place for a TV is that it should not interfere with the cooking process. The screen must be removed from the sink, stove and other “dangerous” mixtures. Another important point: if it’s not the image that matters to you, but the sound, amplify it with speakers. In this case, your equipment will be able to perform the function of a radio. You can cook and enjoy your favorite music, listen to the news. Your favorite programs will sound in the background without distracting you from the main task.

If your kitchen is large enough, place the TV in the seating area (opposite the sofa and armchairs). The same advice is relevant for two combined rooms. In this case, you can allocate a decent place for the TV in the center of the room and watch it from two positions (both from the kitchen and from the recreation area).

Swivel bracket. With it, you can watch TV from anywhere in the room. To do this, just turn the bracket to the desired angle. Such a stand is attached with anchor bolts to a concrete or brick base. If drywall acts as the basis, it is necessary to foresee “mortgages” for attaching the bracket in advance.


Folding TV. Such a TV is mounted under a wall cabinet. When folded, it is almost invisible. And if you add a swivel bracket to it, the number of viewpoints will increase significantly.

folding kitchen tv

Placement of TV on the countertop. Not the best option, since in this case there will be foreign objects in front of the equipment: dishes and other accessories. All of them will obscure the screen and interfere with watching your favorite show. Choosing this type of placement is recommended for small rooms, for those to which no other option is suitable.

TV on the countertop

Built-in TV. This method involves ordering a kitchen set with a special niche. At the same time, it should be away from opening doors and retractable drawers. It is very important that they do not block it. Another way of placement is in a wall cabinet installed in the corner of the room. In this case, the technique will not interfere with cooking.

Build in kitchen tv

Apron TV. This solution will allow the hostess to wash dishes, cook and watch her favorite shows without being distracted from the cooking process. The only thing to remember is that in this situation we are not talking about a large, but about a small monitor.


In-wall TV. This solution will allow the hostess to wash dishes, cook and watch her favorite shows without being distracted from the cooking process.

In-wall kitchen tvEven if you don’t have much space in your kitchen, don’t place your TV on top of a refrigerator, microwave, or other appliances. The vibrations emitted by them will shorten the life of the TV.
Another question concerns the height of the TV. It should be such that watching your favorite programs does not cause the slightest discomfort. Ideally, your eyes and your neck should not get tired even when watching TV for a long time.

If you are going to watch TV while cooking, stand near the stove and look at a blank wall. The place where your eye fell is most likely suitable for placing equipment. With your height, this height will be enough. Once again, carefully consider this arrangement, and if you are convinced that it suits you, you can buy equipment.
Simply put, the height of the TV is selected individually. There are no standards here, it all depends on your convenience and the capabilities of the kitchen.


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