Which TV to choose for the kitchen

Having determined the location of the equipment, you can proceed to its selection and purchase. This is a responsible task, and in order to cope with it, several important criteria must be taken into account:

Equipment dimensions
The dimensions of the TV should be proportional to the size of the room. In other words, a very small model will not work for a large room, and a large one for a small room. How to determine the appropriate size? If your room is no larger than 9 m2, the diagonal of the TV should not exceed 20. For a room with an area of ​​​​10 to 15 m2, a TV with a diagonal of 20-25 inches is suitable. If your room is larger than 15 m2, you can buy a 36-40 inch TV. For greater comfort, it is recommended that the distance from the viewing position to the TV be at least 4 diagonals.


Kitchen appliances should be compact, have a high level of resolution and contrast. For example, LED TVs show a high-quality image due to high resolution. They can be viewed from any vantage point. These TVs are energy efficient and can be very thin.

LCD TVs are another suitable option for the kitchen. However, it should be borne in mind that the image will not be of high quality from all sides. You can increase the number of points for a good view using a rotating bracket.

plasma models. In them, each individual cell acts as a light source. These screens do not need additional illumination. Their minimum diagonal is 32 inches. That is, you need to choose such equipment for rooms from 16 m2.


Before buying a TV, check its volume. It is very important that it is high enough so that you can hear the TV from any part of the room. However, if the sound is the only thing that does not suit you in the model you like, you can safely take it. In the future, buy a few speakers for it, and the issue will be resolved.

If your budget allows, go for waterproof TVs. They can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, even above the sink. Such models have a high price, but it fully justifies itself. Waterproof models last longer than regular ones.

Additional functions

Wi-Fi and Smart TV functions will be useful for a TV in the kitchen. With their help, you can play videos from the Internet. Another useful feature is USB. So you can use the TV as a tablet. All you need to do is insert a flash drive with your favorite family photos. But support for 3D images and other similar functions can be abandoned. Perhaps they are needed for appliances in the living room, but in the kitchen you are unlikely to use them.

Another important tip: a TV is the same household appliance as a microwave oven, a dishwasher. When choosing it, it is necessary to strive to ensure that it fits well into the interior, combined with all its objects. For example, if all the appliances in the kitchen are silver, try to find a similar TV. In extreme cases, give preference to the universal black version.


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